For example, you might journal all the reasons why you want to stay sober. In the process, you acknowledge that you will have cravings and temptations. When you do face the temptation to have that one drink, promise yourself to wait half an hour. Cravings typically pass during the waiting time, and you’ll once again feel fully in charge. How do you know if your loved one is struggling with substance abuse? Paradoxically, the holiday season can be as challenging as it is joyful — and for some, it’s just plain painful. If you are concerned that your anxiety is becoming too intense, and certainly if you believe you may have an anxiety disorder, you should immediately consult with your family physician.

how to maintain sobriety during the holidays

If you’re dealing with anxiety during addiction recovery, don’t turn back to substances. Use these seven strategies to cope with anxiety while remaining sober. From choosing which gatherings to attend to relying how to maintain sobriety during the holidays on your support system, the following are some of our tips on how to maintain sobriety during this stressful and overwhelming time. Celebrate the fact you are reestablishing control over your own life.

When we can focus on others, we find more joy and gratitude. Donate your time at a homeless shelter, food pantry, or soup kitchen. These spiritual opportunities allow us to spread happiness and cheer to others. Family members expect holiday perfection, and they often demand every ounce of your time and energy—and patience. The family menu is a constant carb-load, and traveling puts a strain on your wallet. Packed airports, tight schedules, liquid lunch for Aunt Sally. Everyone is running on empty, and the annual fight is just waiting to happen.

Maintaining sobriety during the holidays can be difficult with busy schedules, added stressors, and the festivities that people have to attend. If you come prepared to protect your sobriety, you should be able to outmaneuver addiction and avoid any potential relapses. Do you have questions about mental illness, mental health treatments or resources to get help in your community? Simply click the button below to contact a Resource Specialist. Join our mailing list for more articles written by family members, people with lived experience, and mental health professionals. Every person with a substance use disorder has triggers, and it’s important to recognize your triggers and how they will affect you. You can’t always predict how a situation will play out or how you will feel.

Recovery Life Coach Vs Addiction Therapist

Although the holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, they also offer other opportunities. You can use the time to grow, connect with the less fortunate in the community, and give back. The busy and hectic nature of December can overwhelm anyone. If you intend to stay sober, you need to make the holiday season flexible and less challenging. Transitional living If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait to get help – hope and healing are available at Valley Hope 24/7. The holiday season is finally upon us, bringing the end of a very hard year. Typically, this holiday season would be filled with events and gatherings — and for some, celebration means…

how to maintain sobriety during the holidays

You can pick and choose the gatherings to attend and the ones to politely decline. It’s more important than ever to rely on your support system at this time. When you take the opportunity to connect with others—to see, value and honor their experience—you exercise empathy. You exist outside of yourself, and you begin to notice all the blessings your life already contains. And it doesn’t get more human, or more recovery, than that. If you become a ball of wretched energy during the holidays, perhaps your own expectations have become your downfall.

How To Maintain Your Sobriety Through The Holidays

Sobriety works only if you make it your number one priority. Give yourself space to adjust, and don’t forget to do some fun things just for you, whether in a group setting or during alone time.

While our holiday gatherings may look a little different this year, celebrations with family and friends can always be risky situations for those in recovery. While it’s always best to surround yourself with people who support your sobriety, sometimes we can’t avoid the people and activities which once encouraged or triggered our substance use. To maintain sobriety throughout the holiday season, it is essential to have a plan of action. Your plan should realistically and honestly consider any potential pitfalls.

Tip 1: Identify Relapse Triggers

Being honest about why you need something new this year in a positive way. Use your personal energy and strength before the party to reinforce your commitment to sobriety. Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or a personal affirmation, remind yourself that the gathering is just a tiny blip in time. ‘Tis the season of holiday gatherings, sipping on hot cocoa, taking visits to apple orchards, Drug rehabilitation and trips to the ic… While these are effective alternatives to AA and NA, they are also newer programs and offer fewer meetings. For many people, participating in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is a vital part of their recovery. During the holidays, such as Thanksgiving, many places that host meetings will have meeting marathons, where they hold meetings every hour on the hour.

It works by the person in recovery checking in with someone from their support network before arriving at the event and again after leaving the event. The support person can be a sponsor, a family member, or a friend that is reliable. There are countless opportunities to serve your community during the holidays. Homeless shelters, recovery programs, community toy drives – volunteer to help others this season and stay out of your head. Participate in charitable giving or adopt someone who could use some holiday hope and cheer.

how to maintain sobriety during the holidays

One clear factor that increases the chance of any future addiction is genetic vulnerability. For example, objective studies into both twins and adoption have shown that there is a 40-60% increase in the probability of addiction solely attributable to a person’s genetic makeup.

Be Mindful Of What You’re Drinking

Most NA or AA groups have holiday functions via Zoom this year. What if you are actively seeking treatment or have already gone through a treatment program and are preparing to approach the holidays? A key to maintaining sobriety is to have a constant connection to a support system and network of people who are keeping you accountable.

  • This can also be a helpful time to analyze your own thoughts and emotions, discover how you doing, and practice self-care techniques.
  • Cravings typically pass during the waiting time, and you’ll once again feel fully in charge.
  • Addiction transference can result in trading in one addiction for another.

Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford is widely known as one of New Jersey’s finest, most respected addiction treatment facilities. With comfortable 30-bed accommodations and 24-hour professional staff, we can offer clients a serene, relaxing environment amid the lush piney woods. This stress-free setting with its sense of warmth and welcoming enables you to feel comfortable and confident about your clean and sober life ahead. A holiday gathering may be a high-risk situation for you, but you can still go as long as you’re careful. Recovery is about what you do when you encounter alcohol or situations in which you used to drink. It’s about «being able to maintain recovery in the context of your life,» Hascal said. If you know you’re attending a holiday gathering where alcohol will be served, the number one thing you can do to help your future self is have a plan in place.

The Holidays Are A Difficult Time For Sobriety

Some clients have told me that they feel awkward and more anxious when their family does not drink because they feel like the spotlight is on them. On the other hand, different clients have said that they prefer to not be around any alcohol during holiday gatherings because it is too triggering for them. Reflect on what you are most comfortable with and communicate that to your family or friends. Fortunately, there are ways you can remain steadfast in your commitment to recovery. Millions of people each year are able to maintain sobriety and still enjoy a fantastic holiday with friends, family and loved ones. Though it may not always be easy, following these steps can help you to better enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Time to relax and celebrate as you spend time with friends and family.

The Holidays Are Just Like Any Other Day

A helpful place to begin is to reflect on where you currently are in your recovery process from substance abuse or alcoholism. View the holiday season as an opportunity to see loved ones, enjoy baking and cooking, and do little (but time-consuming) things like sending out holiday cards or creating homemade gifts. But experts say it’s possible to stay sober with thoughtful planning, understanding triggers that could lead to increased alcohol consumption, and tweaking traditions as needed. No one knows better than you do how much socializing you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to turn invitations down when your enthusiasm wanes. It’s better to beg off from something that will stress you out, rather than go and be uncomfortable. If you must make an appearance, bring along a supportive friend or family member whom you trust.

So Jablin recommends staying committed to your recovery every single day. And while visiting family members, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, Jablin said you should take care of yourself by walking away to collect your thoughts. «Always don’t give up, you know! Alcohol detoxification And even if there’s a slip, get back on the horse,» said Adam Jablin, an addiction and recovery expert. ” will suffice for those who are not aware of your recovery. If people persist, and they might, politely refuse their offer once again and move on.

It’s just another tip we’ve learned on how to maintain sobriety.5. One way of maintaining sobriety during the holidays is to use a prop at parties.

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